Bus Shelter Branding / Advertising services offered by Barter in Mumbai.

Bus Shelters Branding by Global Networking N branding

All these Bus Shelter Advertising & Bus Stop Branding services we provide are at affordable costs/rates. Crores of commuters travel by bus every day in India, the use of bus shelters to advertise varied products and services is exceedingly effective. 

Bus shelters or bus stops help to increase the visibility of a Brand by reaching every nook and corner of the Country in the most cost effective and economical way thus reaching the Target Group on the go. 

Bus advertising in India is one of the best outdoor media as they offer greater visibility and assured frequency. Especially suitable for metropolitan and affluent residential localities, Bus Shelter Advertising stands out prominently. 

Bus shelter advertisements access upper and lower sections of society. They prove advantageous where large formats are prohibited. Providing highly cost – effective, target-oriented endorsements for major metropolitan areas locally, regionally and nationally.

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